Veg Mondays Small change. Big impact.
Eating meat-free one day per week is a powerful way to reduce your ecological footprint and improve your health. Rochester, New York joins the growing number of cities throughout the world embracing this meat-free initiative. Try it for your health and for the health of our environment!

Enormous health benefits:
  • Maintain weight
  • Improve nutrition
  • It's heart healthy
  • Disease prevention
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  Reduce your:
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water usage
  • Fossil fuel consumption
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It's delicious, easy & clean:
  • Reconnect with delicious, nutritious, natural foods
  • Make simple substitutions
  • Try exciting, new vegetarian brands 
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  Tips for coaxing kids:
  • Get them involved
  • Keep it colorful
  • Use subterfuge
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Small Change. Big Impact. When one person eats veg meals for one day, he/she will save the resources needed to produce: 5 pounds of grain or more than 3 loaves of bread or 10 plates of spaghetti.

In the News: World's Premier Food Service Provider Rolls Our Meatless Mondays. Learn more

Rochester's Veg Mondays Mission Statement:
Nature offers an abundance of delicious and healthful foods. Veg Mondays invites you to enjoy meat free meals one day a week to benefit human health, the environment, and global sustainability. Rochester joins a growing number of communities around the world that are embracing this concept.

Veg Mondays
 encourages everyone to enjoy satisfying meals that are free of meat, eggs, and dairy products. This website contains a wealth of information and recipes to get you started.

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